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Gear I use, own, and support.

Native Instruments Traktor, still love it for having access to a huge percentage of my catalog at once - but CDJs have made DJing fun again.  
I own and prefer to perform on both Xone and DJM900NXS mixers - have always been loyal to the Pioneer series - and still am (unless you have a rotary Bozak lying around).
In the studio, Logic faded away for me about 3 years ago - am fully producing on Ableton now.  Love the workflow - great app overall, they have really changed the game (unless you are a FLoops guy, then I get it - Sony ACID was a major pioneer in the category).
Mac? PC?  Yes on both.  Monitors?  I'm a dynaudio loyalist.
iPhone vs. Android?  C'mon.  Samsung 100%


Canon XF405 


Macro, Micro, Zoom.


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